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How To Help The Animals


• If you are ready for the long-term responsibility of giving a forever home, please adopt from a local animal shelter.

Volunteer or foster a pet at any nearby animal shelter.

Report animal cruelty to local authorities. If law enforcement officers don’t answer, you can get in touch with PETA. In case you notice animal cruelty described on the internet, these are a few actions you can take.

• Think about donating wish list products, your vehicle, or money to the ASPCA, Best Friends Animal Society, or to a local rescue organization.

• Motivate all pet owners to spay and neuter their cats and dogs. Find out more here.

Farm Animals:

• Know about the food you consume and the way your diet impacts animals. Learn about the procedures occurring on factory farms and take a look at your local farmer’s market.

• Look for cruelty-free items with this web-based tool or search for any items with the Cruelty Free tag.

• Consider donating or volunteering with organizations like The Humane Society of the U.S., Farm Sanctuary, or a local farm animal sanctuary.


• A huge number of animals are endangered around the globe, therefore conservation management is essential. Read more about conservation tools here.

• Report wildlife crime through WildLeaks.

• Help stop wildlife trafficking by motivating your local authorities to prohibit the import of wild animals or wild animal merchandise such as ivory.

• Vow to go Ivory Free.

• Think about making a donation to organizations like IUCN, WildAid and IFAW.

• Look for and consider backing animal-related state and federal bills that support causes you worry about.

Animals in Captivity:

• When going to amusement parks or other establishments, verify initially to ensure they don’t hold exotic animals captive. You can obtain a directory of animal-friendly sites on the web, such as these animal-free circuses.

• If you wish to see animals, you can plan a whale-watching excursion that adheres to responsible guidelines, or explore a sanctuary that rescues large animals for rehabilitation, like Big Cats Rescue or The Elephant Nature Park.

• Report animals suffering in captivity to The Born Free Foundation’s Travellers’ Animal Alert initiative.

• Consider donating to organizations like Born Free Foundation and The Elephant Sanctuary, which are working hard to assist wild animals remain free and protected.